At Scanziani Law, our beliefs guide our actions. Based in Miami and serving all of Florida, our emphasis is on foreclosure defense. Our efforts focus on low cost foreclosure defense, stopping foreclosure sales, or collecting surplus proceeds if a sale has already taken place.

We offer low fees and convenient arrangements along with our experienced, knowledgeable, and caring approach. Clients face foreclosure frequently through no fault of their own whether their challenging circumstances involve medical issues, job changes, or other developments that make maintaining their finances difficult. That is why we make the process of retaining legal representation as easy as possible. You never have to visit the office unless you want to.

In addition to addressing foreclosure issues, our representation also extends to criminal and family law cases. If you are facing criminal charges, a divorce or a child custody dispute, the same thoughtful and thorough approach will apply to your case as much as it would in a foreclosure matter.

Contact Scanziani Law today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to offering you peace of mind and maximizing your opportunities within your foreclosure, family law, or criminal defense matter.