Criminal Law

Facing criminal charges is frightening and feels like you are at the mercy of the court. Even a minor misdemeanor conviction can prove limiting.  You can face difficulty with employment and housing besides incarceration.

Criminal LawScanziani Law Group believes mistakes should not define your future. You do not have to face this ordeal on your own and it is never advised that you face criminal charges alone. Based in Miami and serving all of South Florida, our attorneys know the criminal court system and the strategies that help you maintain your freedom. A big part of the process is to get ahead of the problem, avoid charges being filed, or enter into a educational solution.  We base our legal representation on compassion and empowering you towards informed decision making. You will not take a plea or bargain out of fear or avoid trial just because you feel no one has your back.

We will guide you through the legal and technical process known as the criminal law system. If you have been arrested, say nothing to the authorities, and contact Scanziani Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

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